14 May 2011

You Stud

I thought it was interesting that Willy Mutunga had been put forward as the new Chief Justice: I had met him once and thought him a perfectly lovely, intelligent man, and judging from most of the comments on the Nation website, a lot of people were happy and excited about this. And the process in which he was selected certainly seemed clearer than the previous attempt to appoint the Chief Justice.

‘what about the stud on his ear, what does it mean to our society??’

Wait. I hadn’t actually seen this. My netbook is small, the picture on the Nation website was small and the stud was, too, so it hadn’t registered with me. But this is clearly a matter that calls for an explanation:
‘A CJ with a stud? He must tell the whole country why he wears a stud to dispel rumours and theories of stud wearers. I want to know whether it is a confirmation why some people voted NO during the referendum.’

Now why exactly would this be of any concern?
‘MUtunga may turn oround judiciary but he is abit queer. i wish the panel would have advised him to remove the earings to avoid being accused of womanising of effiminizing judiciary. Nancy Baraza will b a good DP cj’

Somebody suggested that there were customs in Kenya that allow for men wearing earrings. Well, not so fast, my friend:
‘you need to research why a man of his stature would only pick a stud out of all the range in African cultural attire. Today a stud is worn for a different reason and worse for a man at that age and intellect.’

Be sloppy on chief justices with questionable jewellery selection and you might come to regret it:
‘the little things we ignore today return to haunt/destroy us tomorrow. This is not a matter of how many degrees he has but morality. I again have no issues with his morals until he explains the stud. The stud has everything to do with his brains, since they tell him to wear it.’

Just morals? Hell, Mutunga’s studdedness might even precipitate the end of the world:
‘I almost endorsed Dr. Mutunga because of his academic background. That was before I saw the earring. Maybe he could tell us its meaning. Because these are the signs of the last days, mean wearing long hair like women and wearing earrings! That earring for a man speaks volumes of his spirituality. Beware you guys might be put under a spell and then controlled from the deep.’

A sober voice suggests that perhaps he is the right person after all:
‘Do we want sycophants and boot leakers or leaders who can stand up and say no when things are wrong.’

And there’s this pragmatic angle:
‘thanks for the WIG he mast wear. The stad wont show.’

After all:
‘May the two Principles consult and endorse the two amicably. Kenyans yarn for a fast and full implementation of the new constitution.’

Indeed. Don’t get your knickers into such a fucking twist over an earring, guys. And by earring, we all know you mean gay.

All quotes from the comments on http://www.nation.co.ke/News/politics/Lawyer+Mutunga+nominated+for+CJ+post/-/1064/1161862/-/q3snycz/-/