12 April 2013

We need to talk

Hon, do you have a moment? Yes? Is this a good time?

We need to talk. This is a bit difficult for me.

I know that we’re in this together. It’s a relationship. A give and take. And you’re always very prompt in holding me to account when I don’t keep my end of the bargain. Actually, you’re quite ruthless. You always just cut me off immediately and then it takes so much effort to get back into your good books.

But the other way round, it’s a lot more difficult. I know I’ve been nagging, and I also said rude things. In public, even. I’m sorry. But we really need to find a way of addressing this. It’s becoming an issue for me that you can’t keep it up. I give and give and give, month after month, and you – you just pull out all the time. You’re hardly ever there, fully and reliably, you know?

This isn’t really working for me. It’s you, not me, KPLC.