25 March 2011

NTV's Daytime Audience: Bushy tailed more than bright eyed

I’ve done daytime NTV twice now. The first time, I was invited by Wallace Kantai, and I asked him whether he knew what the audience looked like for their 1pm show. ‘We’re still trying to find out,’ he said. Wallace and I have been buddies for a while, so we chatted away happily for about 45min in what was a fun session. Later, I had a look at my email and found a number of Facebook request from people who had seen me on the show. Interestingly, these were all young men, probably in their 20s. So is this NTV’s daytime audience? Or was there an element of self selection?

Not all of these Facebook ‘friendships’ ended happily:

I deleted the young man who asked me how I ‘compare being an atheist and Christianity’. I told him that there was plenty of online material available on this issue, so if this was of interest to him, he would just have to do the research. No, he insisted: He’d HAVE to know from me personally. Yes, he brought out the capital letters. After he posted a religious item on my page for the third time, I decided it was time to part ways.

A second virtual contact sent me this message: ‘Aint no wise guy but wuld reali luv to get down wit u! mmmm... precisely’. Mind you, I’ve never met him before. We exchanged a few messages in which I tried to explain that not only was this badly spelled, but also inappropriate. He eventually seemed to see the point of the latter, but then surprised me with this: ‘Would have really loved to lick you from head to toe.’ Gone.

Today I was invited by Larry Madowo. It was a much shorter discussion, but nevertheless yielded some interesting Facebook follow up:

‘hi, i hope u well, i have a business idea and hope that u could finance it please, lemme know.’

Also, a friend request with this message: ‘R u singl andrea am xo xo krazy ova u jst saw u on ntv.’

And as luck would have it, a former Facebook stalker also watched it and sent me an sms that ended with ‘Don’t u b tht quiet though!’. This was a man who had expressed an interest in ‘having intimacy’ with me, and was quiet unbothered by the fact that I didn’t even want to be friends with him. I intend to stay very, very quiet.


  1. ROFLMBBAOUWTTAMMBWONS - Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Big, Black, A** While Taking Tea And Mandazi Made By Woman On The Street.

    Huh, you ask? I surprise myself too!

  2. Jeez!!! the nerve some people have. i'm reading this post smack in the middle of a construction site on an island somewhere off the indian ocean and everyone thinks i have lost it. ROFL

  3. Sorry about the un-welcome attention from your fans

  4. Well Andrea you shouldn't wonder why that is on any level surprising.
    Just look at social media in Kenya.
    The so called movers and shakers have nothing of substance to offer.
    The ones with the greatest following {which I would prefer to call psychofanatism} e.g churchil,Maina Kageni promote the same theme that was recurrent on your thread of e-mails.
    Nothing but sex and alcohol.
    Regardless of whether its early morning on a serious weekday,or it is on a Sunday when folks are supposed to be a bit religious.
    On that very note, I think you have my e mail thats pending :-)

    Okoth K'Olwal