23 September 2011

A Touch of Vagina

In last Saturday's column, I wrote about my suspicion that the new Kenya log as proposed by Brand Kenya suggested a female genital. Once you see it, it's difficult to unsee.

Check it out:

I can't imagine that I'm the only one who spots this, so I think this might actually be useful feedback.

Brand Kenya didn't think so. I'll post the link to their reply in today's Star as soon as they put it online.


  1. I like the logo. Tourism is largely a sex affair, as a recent study I saw somewhere suggests. A large percentage of Brits have sex with 'strangers' on holiday, often in 'exotic' locales such as Kenya!
    As for why a female genital was chosen, it only speaks of the gender of the 'foreign' consultants involved- probably white men who have had the opportunity to 'taste' Kenya's tourism circuit.
    This is the ultimate in subliminal messaging!

  2. Just like how the Washington Monument reminds one of a penis. I guess thats why tourists flock to Washington DC. Seeing a penis shaped obelisk must bring fantasies as to the power of the American empire.

  3. I don't see it,but it isn't very cutting edge either.

    I am suprised though as Mary Kimonye was behind the Laughing cow cheese symbol,which was great work.

  4. The Africom logo also looks like a vagina. I wonder why this continent does this.