16 May 2019

Time for mandatory vasectomies

Coffee break, so I'm attempting to have a discussion with a pro-lifer on Twitter about abortions (yeah yeah, I know).

He's against them if not for medical reasons, and what Alabama did is just fine. So I ask him: how about we make vasectomies mandatory? Surely that would fix the whole issue.

I would like to propose the following: Vasectomies to be mandatory for sperm producers.

They are far less invasive than tubal ligations and can be reversed.

As a back up, you get to store your sperm in case there are problems with the reversal. Parents - maybe the father? - would have to monitor their son's sexual development as he hits puberty, and take him to a doctor quarterly to check if he produces sperm. Failure to do will be penalised.

Sperm storage could possibly be subsidised (although we achieve economies of scale if it's mandatory for the whole country) to keep costs at a level of what women pay on average for contraception.

And there we go. Problem solved!!

But he's now wailing about men being 'punished'.

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