22 April 2012

Party Shopping and Delusion: What's New?

Turns out, not much. Today in the Standard: Musalia Mudavadi, who has made ominous announcements of ‘announcements’ for, what, weeks now? 'When you leave here, I want you to be sure that I will not go back.' Passive-aggressive drama queen. Get on with it already.

Kalonzo Musyoka still hasn’t brought an original thought or a shred of personality to the table, and doesn’t seem to intend to: In the Nation, he emphasises again that he ‘is best suited to continue with President Kibaki’s policies since he had understudied the Head of State.’ Understudied the head of state in running around trying to undermine the ICC? Also, wobbly reasoning: ‘Being an election year we don’t want a repeat of what happened in 2007. We want to be peaceful.’ (Nation) Quite. That was the election organised under Kibaki’s presidency.

Musyoka's superior suitability is also not a position shared by Prof. Saitoti, who may be a little too optimistic about his own ability to prove opinion polls wrong. Saitoti in the Standard: ‘Kenyans know who I’m, what I stand for, and what I have done. There is no doubt that they would elect me to succeed President Kibaki when he retires. … Pollsters will be surprised when I become president.’ But he’s clearly a man with a national, not a tribal outlook: ‘Saitoti said the position of Education PS which was held James ole Kiyiapi and NEMA chairman headed by Francis ole Kaparo “should be given back to the Maasai community”. (Star)

This is comforting as it’s ever so predictable a script: ‘The fight for control of the United Republican Party (URP) by politicians close to Eldoret North MP William Ruto has threatened to tear the nascent party apart. What has clearly emerged is the fight has to do with nominations for party positions and who will have the final say.’(Standard) Pole, Mr Ruto – wasn’t this exactly the same problem he had with UDM?

And I swear I heard my small dog say ‘urp’ this morning when he stretched.

Uhuru Kenyatta also still seems to be floating around without a party home after having been shoved out of KANU. Again, pole. I am sure he will fix this shortly. ‘Shopping for a party’, no doubt.

Just as a reminder: This is what the latest Infotrack Harris polls predict, according to Capital FM: Raila Odinga 42%, Uhuru Kenyatta 22%, Kalonzo Musyoka 9%, Martha Karua 5%, William Ruto 5% and Musalia Mudavadi 5%. Saitoti: not mentioned in the article.

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  1. Hi Andrea, well its obviously quite a few months since you wrote this post & since I am reading it for the first time, it kinda paints a clear picture of how our politics evolves..

    Mudavadi finally got the balls to leave, probably got some goodies for that gamble * strictly my own opinion* , they have since argured & heckled with his formere boss at there favourable location for sound debates *FUNERALS* LOL

    I give no thoughts on Kalonzo, you hit it spot on with "Kalonzo Musyoka still hasn’t brought an original thought or a shred of personality to the table, and doesn’t seem to intend to"...probably waiting for his opportunity to pita katikati yao

    Uhuru jumped ship, and KANU gave its final breath Halleluyah! *a move even a blind goldfish could figure out* branded it with late papa's money & still running around trying to figure out how he can get himself out of ICC;'s open wide jaws of impending political asylum...heard a rumor this morning that he's warming up to Raila, personally i am not shocked

    Ruto is as cunning as ever, more busy biulding hotels in the city & making money rather than campaigning..I believe URP is more of a money maker to him than a serious party, so dont be shocked if he merges it with something (United Republican National Alliance *URNA* or smthn)

    Saitoti died in a horrible chopper crash, some suspect foul play but who knows? I always find commisions a waste of time, nonetheless may God rest his soul

    Not to leave behind Raila, Miguna Miguna wasted no time in sticking his sharpest dagger on his old friends back, painting a picture on who he really is. Come baby Come has become somewhat a national anthem now & Raila isnt the much aclaimed unblemished sheep as he once was

    Overall, I think your a hell of an analyst, you have edge & you clearly know what you are talking about. I had a laugh or two reading this article. Thanks:)

    Kind regards
    @ edwardkimori@gmail.com