08 October 2012

Four Twenty South and Emporio Kumar

I brought Alison, and Alison brought Elizabeth, and then I talked Carol into coming, and she brought Adele, and we all drove Hilary and Jane at Four Twenty South nuts with the cottage bookings because we arrived and left on different days. But when we were not arriving and departing, we were horizontal. Here's what paradise looks like:
This is the view from one of the cottages a bit further in the back:
Billy came to the cottage to give us a yoga lesson every day. Don't be fooled. He just looks harmless. The pain eased on day four, just when I had to leave.
Pre-yoga coffee with cat friend (insert pussy joke here):
Madafu after yoga, and brunch being prepared by the talented Michael. Can this get any better?
Yes, it can! Because we discovered Emporio Kumar, a fashion house so exclusive, they close over lunch!
It is my firm belief that Mrs Kumar has elves in her workshop. I may have bought all wrap skirts, but they will have new ones ready the next day and Mrs Kumar will helpfully direct her staff to show them to me. She knows a sucker when she sees one! Mrs Kumar raided our accounts. We raided Emporio Kumar. Here's my loot:
Four Twenty South is one of my favouritest places. Find them on Facebook here.