16 October 2012

Njema Helena launch: All the pretty dresses

I love African fabrics. And pretty dresses. And pockets in skirts and dresses. So, unsurprisingly, I loved the Njema Helena launch collection. Here's design director Cecilia in one of her dresses. A peplum dress - and I'm slowly beginning to make friends with peplums.

Did I mention pretty dresses?

I also really liked the belts - in particular this little bow one:

These are made from fish leather. It looks like soft, slightly fluffy snake skin - sorta:

More belts plus a skirt. I think this skirt had pockets. I approve of skirts with pockets!

These little jackets are what Coco Chanel would have made if she had shopped for fabrics in Africa. Very cute with jeans - trust me, I tried! You will be mine, preshusssssss!

Njema Helena don't have a permanent outlet yet, but will be back for the Xmas Box market next month. Check out their Facebook page for updates.

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